A collective lack of farming experience coupled with unbridled enthusiasm for making our city better is what created Hotel Tango Farms.

Hotel Tango Farms is the sustainability outgrowth of Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery. Not a new location, not a tasting room, not a distillery. Just, quite literally, a farm.

As our company grows, we’re staying committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Hotel Tango Farms is one piece of the puzzle to a more sustainable growth model with a substantially lower impact on the environment. We’re ready to hit the ground running by growing our own cocktail ingredients and forming strategic partnerships with local restaurants and like-minded entrepreneurs.

An unkempt farm property with a crumbling barn doesn’t scare us, it thrills us. The barn has been there since the turn of the last century, and we want to make sure it’s there for the turn of the next.

We won’t stop at barn renovation and urban farming. We envision a quaint farm backdrop for photography sessions, from graduation to engagement and more. We see the farmhouse transformed into an overnight stay experience for our guests. And, of course, we envision that plot of fresh basil waiting to become the savory garnish on a refreshing Gin Bravo cocktail in the middle of summer.

From the highway, you’ll see the tradition of the farm’s name across the roof of the barn. When you pass, send us good thoughts as we embark on this new adventure.

Hotel Tango Farms.

For more information on Hotel Tango Farms, stay updated on this page or your favorite way to connect with us on social media. We’ll post updates as they come. Thank you for your support. We look forward to elevating our spirits and cocktails with this new project, and hope to toast with you soon.